September 22, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Amrit Khalsa

This is different from the Gong Bath offered on Saturdays.  Although very relaxing, this Immersion has added benefits.  This Gong Immersion has three parts.  The first part prepares the body with a 45 minute pranayam set (breathing exercises) originally taught years ago by Yogi Bhajan as part of a program to regenerate the nervous system.  This set  prepares you to listen to the gong and is also very useful for anyone who needs to resist the ravages of stress.  The second part is a 45 minute gong meditation.  The third part is a complete deep relaxation with meditation music.  Students will need to bring 16 oz. of pure spring water to the workshop.

A main benefit of our Gong Immersion is the incredibly deep relaxed state it produces in all participants.   After a Gong Immersion, it is wise to plan  crawling under the covers of your cozy bed on your return home and fully enjoy a deeply luscious, healing, uninterrupted sleep.  As you slip into blissful sleep, your entire being will begin to absorb the benefits of the Gong Immersion, regenerating, rejuvenating and resetting your inner being and reconnecting you to your Higher Consciousness.  You’ll be a new person the next morning!