January 26, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Join Amrit, Hari KIrn & Melanie for Yoga warn-ups and Gong Bath with Mini Healing Treatments as you relax to the Gong! You will experience the divine healing of the Sat Nam Rasayan “Sacred Healing Space” as healers, Amrit and Hari Kirn walk through the room applying a Touch of Heaven as you drift off in profound relaxation to the sound current of the gong.    These mini-healing sessions will give you an experience of the Ancient Healing Art of  Sat Nam Rasayan.   This is also a rare opportunity to treat yourself, heal and relax in a Divine Place of Rest under the guidance of 3 teachers on a highly auspicious weekend of the Chinese New Year & New Moon energy.  Being only 2 days after the New Moon, we will be still benefiting from New Moon energy for renewal, progressive changes and fresh starts.  This is also a fertile time to bring new things into one’s life.   The Chinese New Year of the White Rat brings in the virtues of bravery, steadfastness, preparedness, readiness, alertness and righteousness.  Keen vision, ability to solve problems quickly, strong memory, resourceful, thoughtful, sharp-sighted, wisdom, intelligence are also characteristics of the White Rat.