Kundalini Yoga Class Schedule


                                                                –  The Thursday, 7:30pm Zoom class is discontinued as of 8/6..

To insure social distancing, all are required to book class(es).  Scroll down then,  (1) click black “BOOK” button to book a class (for full week’s list of classes click on this link:  Yoga Class Schedule  (2) click “NEXT” if paying at studio (via cash, check or credit card) in person at 1st class or, click “CHECKOUT” (top right) to pay online,  (3) click “VIEW SCHEDULE” to show class(es) booked, (4) click “CANCEL” to cancel a booked class.  Cards expired 3/16/20 – 5/18/20 may be extended.   No-shows for booked classes will still count for a class punch or purchase.

Pay & Register at the studio w/ cash, check or credit card at your 1st class OR . . .

Click here to register and pay for In-Person &/or Zoom Classes

  Click here for Zoom Class Schedule & Log-in links 

* ATTN:  PayPal Receipt must be presented at 1st class for online payments OR pay w/ Cash, Check or Credit Card in person at the studio before class.*

**PRENATAL CLASS:  for the health of mother and baby, pregnant students may only participate in the Tuesday, 7:15pm & Thursday 7:30pm classes under the guidance of our certified Prenatal instructor.