What do I wear?

If you have it, white clothing is most beneficial to wear while practicing Kundalini Yoga otherwise, any loose, comfortable clothing or gym clothes are fine.  No need for shoes.

Do I need any equipment?

Just a yoga mat, cushion and blanket to cover up with during a layout.  We have extra mats and cushions if you need one.

I’ve never done yoga before.  Can I still come to these classes?

Yes!  Our classes are beginner friendly and great for those with absolutely no yoga experience.  We are a go-at-our-own-pace yoga studio.  We encourage all students to rest as needed and modify as necessary.  Our teachers provide modifications but, most everything we do at the studio are simple, uncomplicated postures doable by just about everyone.  If you can just breath and lean in the right direction, you’ll get the benefits!

Is this the yoga in a hot room?

No!  Our room is normal temperature – air conditioned in the summer, heated in the winter.

Will I learn breath-work and meditation too?

Yes!  Breathing techniques (pranayam), meditations, asanas (postures), yogic exercises, mudras (hand positions), mantra (sound) and beautiful, uplifting music are all a part of Kundalini Yoga!

Will I have opportunities to meet others?

Opportunities for meeting other students are at our Workshops over refreshments and our free events such as our Potlucks and monthly Group Meditations.