Kundalini Yoga Workshops And Events In San Antonio

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Kundalini Yoga Workshops:

Walk Ins Welcome!
Sunday, March 15th, 1:30pm – 4:30pm / $35 OR $40 after March 8th (No Refunds)
Facilitated by:  Adeshpal Jamie Carmody and Siri Bahadur Khalsa
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal

Shuniya is where the mind is still and neutral, non-reactive.  Shuniya is “zero point focus” where we surrender to the moment and observe ourselves.  Its characteristics are flowing, intuitive, neutral, soulful, accepting and allowing without judgment or pushing, opinion or comparison.  In this class we will explore exactly that!  Using flash writing and discussion, we will look at your goals and visions.  WIth these in mind, we wil show you Kundalini Yoga asana and breath practices to help you to create the clearer head-space flow of Shuniya.  Using Zero Balancing theory, we will show you further how the body influences the mind-state.  They are easily accessible techniques to clear your mind clutter for goal setting and problem solving.

Kundalini Yoga and Zero Balancing are mind-body technologies that work to clear the mind by engaging the body.  While Kundalini Yoga is a practice done by an individual with a goal of preparing the body for meditation, Zero Balancing is a facilitated experience that creates a meditative space for both the giver and receiver.  In this workshop, we will be using Kundalini Yoga practices and Zero Balancing theory to experience the principles of energetic movement through the body and the effect that both have on the individual’s state of mind and well-being.

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Walk Ins Welcome!
CANCELLED!  / $20 if paid by TBA OR $30 after TBA (No Refunds)
Facilitated by:  Amrit Kaur Khalsa
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal

Suitable for beginners and students of all levels!

This is different from the Gong Bath – it’s twice as long and goes deeper.  Although deeply  relaxing, this workshop has added benefits.  In this Gong Immersion we will be reorganizing the relationship with the 10 bodies.  The 10 bodies are all your vehicles for sensing and functioning in the gross and subtle realms.  In this Immersion, as the 10 bodies adjust one may experience a sense of travel and projection.  First, we will practice a 45 min. set given by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, to prepare for the gong meditation and strengthen the nerves and give the experience of living in Truth.  Then, we will do a special 45 minute gong meditation with a simple focus and mudra (hand position) designed to project you in the realm of the saints and liberated beings.

A main benefit of our Gong Immersion is the incredibly deep relaxed state it produces in all participants.   After an Immersion,  plan to  snuggle under the covers of your cozy bed on your return home and fully enjoy a deeply luscious, healing, uninterrupted sleep.  As you slip into blissful sleep, your entire being will begin to absorb the benefits of the Gong Immersion, regenerating, rejuvenating and resetting your inner being and reconnecting you to your Higher Consciousness.  You’ll be a new person the next morning!

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Walk Ins Welcome!
CANCELLED TIL FURTHER NOTICE / $25 if paid by TBA or $30 after TBA (No Refunds)
Facilitated by Angela
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal

A  Kundlini Yoga workshop based on the immune system.  This class will consist of pranayam, kriya, gong layout, and meditation while you are immersed in the aroma of essential oils that also benefit the immune system.  A special meditation for healing all sickness will be practiced and a variety of resources and handouts will be provided to help you continue to keep the immune system at its best.  Samples of locally made organic elderberry syrup will also be available.

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For ALL Divine Yoga students!
TBA / $20 if paid by TBA OR $25 after TBA (No Refunds)
Facilitated by Amrit, Hari Kirn & Melanie
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal

Join Amrit, Hari KIrn & Melanie for Yoga warn-ups and 2 Gongs Bath with Mini Healing Treatments as you relax to the Gongs! You will experience the divine healing of the Sat Nam Rasayan “Sacred Healing Space” as master healer, Hari Kirn walks through the room applying a Touch of Heaven as you drift off in profound relaxation to the sound current of the gongs.    These mini-healing sessions will give you an experience of the Ancient Healing Art of  Sat Nam Rasayan.   This is also a rare opportunity to treat yourself, heal and relax in a Divine Place of Rest under the guidance of 3 teachers on a highly auspicious weekend of the Chinese New Year & New Moon energy.  Being only 2 days after the New Moon, we will be still benefiting from New Moon energy for renewal, progressive changes and fresh starts.  This is also a fertile time to bring new things into one’s life.   The Chinese New Year of the White Rat brings in the virtues of bravery, steadfastness, preparedness, readiness, alertness and righteousness.  Keen vision, ability to solve problems quickly, strong memory, resourceful, thoughtful, sharp-sighted, wisdom, intelligence are also characteristics of the White Rat.

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For ALL Divine Yoga students!
TBA / $20 if paid by TBA OR $25 after TBA (No Refunds)
Facilitated by:  Melanie, Susie, Jamie & Cristina
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal

Deeply Relax and Elevate Your Being!  This “4 Gongs Bath” is being offered at an auspicious time – during the full moon.  The full moon is a time of positive opportunity and can increase your positive energy.

Since the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified.   So, this is the best time to grab your yoga mat and do some yoga and meditation, especially in a group and with the calming effects of the Gong.

You won’t find a better time to facilitate One Deeply Healing Experience as our Gong Maestras create a symphony of soft, spontaneous, vibratory tones gently washing over your mind and body, penetrating every cell to support relaxation, rejuvenation and healing on multiple levels.  Preparatory yoga as warm-up included.

***Space is Limited!  Pre-registration Highly Recommended!  First come, first served.   Only offered 3 – 4 times annually,  don’t miss this deeply healing treat!***

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Walk Ins Welcome!
Sunday, July 19th,  Mini Immersion:  1pm – 2pm / $35 if paid by July 12th or $40 after July 12th                                    
                          Sunday, July 19th,  Full Immersion: 1pm – 5:30pm / $55 if paid by July 12th or $60 after July 12th
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal (No Refunds)

Taught by Hari Kirn of Houston,  Texas,  Master Level Sat Nam Rasayan Teacher

Suitable for beginners and students of all levels!  GREAT FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO MEDITATE! 

Sat Nam Rasayan, translation:  “Relaxation in the Divine Name.”

Join us for fun and self-healing at Divine Yoga!  This yogashop is for ALL Divine Yoga students, beginners, intermediate, advanced, hard-core, experienced, newbys, curiosity seekers, knowers, questioners, the aware and unaware.  No Sat Nam Rasayan Yogashop is ever the same so, you will learn new meditation and healing techniques each and every time you attend.  And, along with building a repertoire of meditative and healing techniques, you will also build, strengthen and develop your neutral and meditative mind with each Sat Nam Rasayan yogashop you attend.

In these yogashops, we will also learn, explore and develop neutrality with a wide variety of techniques and tools of Sat Nam Rasayan and the meditative mind. Whether you are dealing with weather, family, business, politics, different view points fought in the media or your own monkey mind . . . . this is a class for profound neutrality, relaxation and reducing reactions.  You will experience tools to walk your life path with more ease, grace, confidence and fearlessness.   We look forward to your presence in class.

In each Yogashop we will:

  • gently bring in more tools to help feel supported and strong
  • become your own best healer as you invest in the power of your own Soul
  • understand your innate healing capacity for prosperity, growth and success
  • experience the projective meditative mind through the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan
  • deeply relax with Gong therapy
  • enjoy a powerful dynamic and community and live a more healthy, joyful and awakened life

“Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior.  Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul.” – Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam Rasayan is a system of healing and a state of consciousness in which all healing takes place.  It is also a particular state of meditation in which the awareness of the practitioner becomes stable.  When this occurs any healing can happen.  This healing happens in the “sacred space” which is in the space of the meditative mind.  Sat Nam Rasayan helps many suffering from emotional upheaval, depression, stress, anxiety, injuries, neck and back pain, accident trauma, sleeplessness, and a variety of illnesses such as aids and cancer.  It is also used in connection with therapies including massage and physical therapy.

**Check, cash and credit cards accepted.  Pay and register online, at studio or call 210-828-4177 to pay via credit card “live” – if no answer, leave message and contact number and we will return your call asap.  

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For ALL Divine Yoga students!
Friday, April 3rd, Saturday, April 4th & Sunday, April 5th / $80 if paid by April 2nd OR $108 after April 2nd
With Hari Kirn & Amrit
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal (No Refunds)

Hari Kirn, translation:  “Ray of Light”.  

Amrit, translation:  “Bliss.”

You deserve it!  Get the support you need with this divine treat – a private “Light & Bliss Healing Session” with Hari Kirn and Amrit!  Feel free to sign up for multiple sessions (at $80 per session while discount lasts) and Feast Your Soul! These powerful yet soothing healing sessions will give you the support you need to realize your truth, and realize your goals and priorities.   These sessions are designed to help you empower yourself to be centered and healthy  – to be like the beautiful lotus flower that floats above the mud and the muck.  Those receiving Light & Bliss sessions regularly are experiencing growth and blessings in their lives in leaps and bounds!  It is an honor to assist all of you!  For 45 full minutes, come and enjoy a totally divine, safe space to clearly, reflect and heal or just slip into profound relaxation.

Healing session includes:

  • Sat Nam Rasayan
  • Foot massage and reflexology treatment
  • Singing Bowls
  • Essential Oils to support your healing
  • Spiritual teacher support
  • Suggestions for a personal self-healing practice

You will also experience:

  • support for healthy relaxation, goals, dilemmas, breakthroughs
  • relaxation to hear your own inner guidance
  • your Self to Bliss and Inner Beauty
  • a breakthrough instead of a breakdown
  • reduced fear, increased courage, positive action and motivation
  • removal of blocks and healing of traumas.

About the healers: Amrit & Hari Kirn  have a collective strength of  67 years of study, yoga practice and sadhana. They have studied Spirituality, Sat Nam Rasayan and Kundalini Yoga together in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Italy and India with masters such as Guru Dev, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan and Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. Come laugh, cry, brainstorm or turn it over to the collective wisdom of Hari Kirn & Amrit.

Take advantage of the reduced rate. Normally, the exchange is $150. Only $80 if pre-paid by Feb. 16th or $108 after Feb. 16th.

Sessions will take place at the Office, 1607 W. Lawndale (it’s the yellow building w/ orange front door).

 AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS: Friday, Feb. 21st:  10am, 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm  /  Saturday,  Feb. 22nd:  9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm,  2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm  / Sunday, Feb. 23rd:  10am, 11am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm.  IMPORTANT!  Always check here first for most recent appt. availability!  Only pre-paid appointments are reserved.  No refunds. 

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After payment, schedule your appointment by emailing your choosen appointment time, date, full name and Phone# to info@totallydivineyoga.com  or call 210-828-4177 and leave a message with same information.

*Other appt. times may be added upon request. Call 210-828-4177 or info@totallydivineyoga.com)


“I was touched by the loving nature of it.” -M.J.

“In the process of this session, guided by Hari Kirn’s wonderful reflexology and Amrit’s zealous protection of the space and my spirit, I got to heal in places I didn’t even know I needed healing.  Now that’s what I call a hell of a deal!”

“My Healing Light & Bliss session with Amrit and Hari Kirn was profound on many levels.  We identified deep seated emotional blocks and divine spiritual qualities that gave me insight and clarity.  Their nurturing hands-on energetic work and supportive, wise counsel have set in place healing and union towards living a balanced and flourishing life.  I feel blessed and eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to receive their healing light and bliss.  – T.P.

“My Light and Bliss session with Amrit and Hari Kirn was truly healing.  Their insights, skills, and energies are so uplifting and inspiring! Through the use of energetic healing, they were able to support me through some big changes in my life.  If you have a question about what your next life stwp should be or are experiencing any pain in your body, I highly recommend a session with these two kind and powerful ladies!!”  – N.B.B

“Let me just say here and now that I could not have been more pleased with my session.  You were a revelation and delight.  You have some major juju in that tiny frame!”  – S.R.

“I’m so grateful for you and Hari Kirn.  You are both like my fairy godmothers. ”  -JK

**Check, cash and credit cards accepted.  Pay and register online, at studio or call 210-828-4177 to pay via credit card “live” – if no answer, leave message and contact number and we will return your call asap.  


Kundalini Yoga Events:

For ALL Divine Yoga students!  Come for part or all of it!   
5am – 7am,  SUNDAY, March 15th  

Group Meditation, particularly when performed during the Amrit Vela, (2 1/2 hours before sunrise), resets your cycles and patterns to the rhythm of your ultimate aims, your Soul and the heartbeat of the Universe. It is this time of each day when the “veil” of the ego (limited self) is thinnest and we can mindfully observe all the negative habits that lead away from health, physical stamina, wholeness and higher consciousness and neutralize the desires underlying those habits one by one. Group Meditation is a conscious activity to access the unlimited potential of your life through relating to and embracing the most mysterious aspects of our deep self. It is during the Amrit Vela that prana concentrates and cleansing on all levels is more easily accomplished. Simply being aware, vertical and leaning in the right direction at this time has profound effects as the subconscious. For many other spiritual traditions the Amrit Vela is the acknowledged time for deep spiritual practice. The Amrit Vela, the Nectar Time 2 1/2 hours before dawn, when the world is transitioning is a time when many souls are born or leave their bodies. From 2am – 6am is the most Satvic time when there is no better opportunity to overcome inertia and practice stillness. Meditating in a group develops group consciousness. Meditation is unfortunately a very rare blessing but, you require those two hours to work out your own mind, so that the rest of the day your life can work out.

Schedule for Group Meditation:

  • To protect the Crown Chakra at this very powerful time, please wear a head covering.  A white cotton head covering is preferred by most by Kundalini yogis but, a simple shawl, hood, scarf, cap, etc. is sufficient.   
  • 5am:  Japji (Morning Prayer):  recite or listen along with this prayer that is read aloud in Gurmukhi.  Japji is called the “song of the soul” and celebrates connection to the Infinite.
  • 5:20am:  Tune In then, do a Kundalini Yoga set
  • 6am:  Aquarian Sadhana (Meditation with music):  a specific sequence of chants is done as part of sadhana
  • 7am:  Finish