Kundalini Yoga Workshops & Events

For the health and well-being of all participants, Divine Yoga has installed Pure-Beam Ultraviolet Light in it’s HVAC system. 


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An Evening of Yoga & Sound Healing 
with 3 Gongs
with Amrit, Mhan Rishi & Hari Kirn
An Evening to Replenish Your Soul 


Pick from 1 of 2 Nights:
Saturday, January 22nd or,
Sunday, January 23rd 
6pm – 7:30pm
Cost:  $35 or $30 if paid by Jan. 14th (No Refunds after Jan. 14th)
Pay now while space is available.
** Homemade Yogi Tea & cookies served after workshop.**


This workshop includes Kundalini Yoga, 3 Gongs and Complimentary Healing. First, we will prepare the body for the Gong Immersion with yoga warm-ups and meditation after which, you will each be given material to write intentions for gong vibrations to support….or to clear.  Then, you will relax for 45 min. as the 3 Gongs play.  Afterwards, you will continue relaxing as Amrit and Hari Kirn play the Koshi Chimes over each one of you for more individualized healing. As the chimes are playing, Amrit and Hari Kirn will meditate in the “Sacred Space” and, project healing energy to each participant in the room. We invite you to join us in this heavenly experience into profound relaxation. 

Body temperature may drop during deep relaxation so, bring blanket and socks.  Gong Bath is a sound massage for the mind and body. This is a soft shamanic drumming rhythm slowly building to a crescendo to release tension, sooth the nervous system and relax your brain. Sound washes over you enabling deep healing, block clearing, tension release, bringing harmony to your whole body for improved health.  It’s common to twitch, realign, even sleep during a sound healing, and have images or feel  you are on an inner journey.  To maximize the healing effect, before the Gong Bath, add an intention and visualize healing and/or positive outcome for any situation in your life.  The sound will carry you beyond your fears.  The pressure (of the vibration of the gong) will release the nervous system of many illnesses . . .  “To regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, nothing is more powerful than the sound of the gong.”  – YB




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 A Healing Experience for Mind, Body & Soul

“Light & Bliss”
Private Healing Sessions 
with Amrit & Hari Kirn
January 21st, 22nd & 23rd 
$85 or $108 after January 14th (No Refunds)


Location:  Home Office at 1607 W. Lawndale (the yellow house with the orange front door)
Cash, check, credit card at studio OR, Click here to purchase online

Booking:  (1) pick your appointment from the “Available Appointments” below,  (2) email info@totallydivineyoga.com  date, time & full name or call 210-828-4177 for help.    Appointments cannot be reserved online at this time.

Available appointments:  Friday, January 21st:  4pm   /  Saturday, January 22nd:  FULL  /  Sunday, January 23rd:  FULL.   IMPORTANT:  Always check here first for most recent availability.  Alternate appt. times upon request may be granted.  Only pre-paid appointments are reserved.  No Refunds.

Hari Kirn, translation:  “Ray of Light”  /  Amrit, translation:  “Bliss” 

Bliss Out and Light Up Your Soul with a private healing session from Hari Kirn and Amrit.  Fell free to sign up for multiple sessions and Feast Your Soul on this Healing Fiesta.  More appointments times can be added to the schedule upon request time permitting.  These divinely energized ladies will help you connect with your Soul, balance your energy bodies, chakras, mind and deliver you to your Truth.  Past traumas can cloud our ability to see our own truth and recognize it.  These powerful yet soothing healing sessions will give you the support you need to realize your truth, your goals and priorities.  For 45 minutes, you will enjoy a totally divine, safe space to clearly reflect, heal or just slip into profound relaxation.

Healing session includes:

  • Sat Nam Rasayan
  • Foot reflexology treatment
  • Singing Bowls
  • Essential Oils to support your healing
  • Spiritual teacher support
  • Suggestions for a personal self-healing practice

You will also experience:

  • support for healthy relaxation, goals, dilemmas, breakthroughs,
  • relaxation to hear your own inner guidance
  • your Self, Bliss and Inner Beauty
  • a breakthrough instead of a breakdown
  • reduced fear, increased courage, positive action and motivation
  • removal of blocks and healing traumas

About the Healers:  Amrit & Hari Kirn have a collaborative strength of 67 years of study, yoga practice and sadhana (daily yoga & meditation practice).  They have studied Spirituality, Sat Nam Rasayan and Kundalini Yoga together in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Italy and India with masters such as Guru Dev, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan and Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.  Come laugh, cry, brainstorm or turn it over to the collective wisdom of Hari Kirn & Amrit.

Take advantage of the reduced rate.  Normally, the exchange is $150. Only $85 if pre-paid by Dec. 12th or $108 after Dec. 12th.

Sessions are at the office at 1607 W. Lawndale (1st bldg. as you enter the driveway, the yellow house with the orange front door).


“I was touched by the loving nature of it.”  – M.J.

“I have so much love and good fortune in my life . . . But, in the process of this session, guided by Hari Kirn’s wonderful reflexology and Amrit’s zealous protection of the space and my spirit, I got to heal in places I didn’t even know I needed healing.  Now that’s what I call a hell of a deal.”  -L.B.

“My Healing Light & Bliss session with Amrit and Hari Kirn was profound on many levels. We identified deep seated emotional blocks and divine spiritual qualities that gave me insight and clarity.  Their nurturing, supportive, wise counsel have set in place healing and union towards living a balanced and flourishing life.  I feel blessed and eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to receive their healing light and bliss.” T.P.

“My light and Bliss session with Amrit and Hari Kirn was truly healing.  Their insights, skills, and energies are so uplifting and inspiring.  Through the use of healing in the Sacred Space, they were able to support me through some beg changes in my life.  If you have a question about what your next life step should be or are experiencing any pain in your body, I highly recommend a session with these two kind and wonderful ladies.” -N.B.B.

“Let me just say here and now that I could not have been more pleased with my session.  You were a revelation and delight.  You have some major juju in that tiny frame. – S.R.

“I’m so grateful for you and Hari Kirn.  You are both like my fairy godmothers.”  J.K.

NOTE:  (1) Click the link below to pay,  (2) pick your appointment from the “Available Appointments” above,  (3) email info@totallydivineyoga.com or call 210-828-4177 to reserve your spot.    Appointments cannot be reserved online at this time.

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The Science of Kundalini Yoga
with Mhan Rishi Singh Khalsa
Mhan Rishi, translation: “Great Sage”


Every Sunday 
6pm – 7:30pm
*Part of your Class Card Purchase or, $20 drop-in rate if no class card.*

This class focuses on self initiation through the relationship between breath, meditation and control of your own mind, glandular and chakra balance, nerve strength and balance against the onslaught of the chaos of world influence.  Nerve strength comes from holding postures with breath (pranayam) and focus.  Range of difficulty varies from mild to challenging. Each class is different yet focused on the goal of self initiation. Meditations consist of breathwork or mantra with beautiful music and each class concludes with Gong Meditation to heal the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Bio:  Mhan Rishi Singh Khalsa, born in southern Indiana, is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Divine Yoga with Amrit.  He embraced the path of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogai Bhajan in 1976.  Like other advanced students of Kundalini Yoga of that time, he moved to an ashram.  Mhan Rishi lived in the Guru Ram Das Ashram on Magnolia Street in San Antonio and taught Kundalini Yoga there for about 7 years. He also helped establish and manage the ashram up through it’s move to McKinley Street until 1981. He is KRI certified and has taught yoga classes and workshops nationally in Chicago, The University of Wisconsin, Texas and the Midwest. Mhan Rishi has been on numerous yatras to India including the Golden Temple, Anandphur Sahib, the River Ravi and other sacred places. He has many interests, loves mysticism, research, art, cooking, music, green building, photography, books and travel. Mhan Rishi brings a special warmth and kindness to everything he does.  His wealth of experience from ashram life and 45 years of walking on the path of Kundalini Yoga makes each class he teaches unique.  Students will benefit greatly from the knowledge, depth, insight, compassion and wisdom Mhan Rishi brings to each and every class.


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Eve of the Full Moon:
Acupuncture, 2 Gongs, Yoga & Meditation
with Sat Kartar, Licensed Acupuncturist, Hari Kirn & Amrit

Friday, TBA 

6pm – 7:30pm
Cost:  $35 or $30 if paid by TBA (No Refunds after TBA)
Pay now while space is available.
** Hot Yogi Tea & cookies to be served**


NOTE:  Participants may opt in or out of Acupuncture. Bring yoga mat and yoga attire.  Access needed to hands and feet only, the acupuncture points for the 4 gates which, translates as smooth flow of chi, balances emotions and relaxes blocks in the energy flow.  A Texas Licensed Acupuncturist since 2000, Sat Kartar combines his 45 years of Kundalini Yoga teaching with 27 years of studies of Chinese acupuncture and medicine for a truly deep experience of inner healing.  

The workshop begins with Hari Kirn leading gentle yoga stretches for the meridians followed by a Drib Dristi Meditation.  The name of this powerful, but simple, meditation means “the action of acquiring insight into the future.”  When  practiced on the Eve of the Full Moon, it said to influence the subconscious mind completely. Most meditations require long periods of practice for mastery but, it is possible to master this kriya in one or several sittings.  Next, Chii-a Kriya, taught by Sat Kartar, surrounds you with protection and has a penetrating power. When you fell nothing is working for you and you have lost hope and friends, this meditation is in order. This kriya has a projective power. Practice it and God will listen to you with love. 

Upon completion of Chii-a Kriya, Sat Kartar will apply acupuncture to all opting in as the 2 Gongs are played by our divine gong maestras, Amrit and Hari Kirn.  The added healing vibration of the 2 Gongs deepens the healing benefits of the acupuncture.  However, all students whether opting in or out of acupuncture will enjoy deep relaxation and healing.  After the workshop, yogi tea and cookies will be served. 


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Walk Ins Welcome!
TBA,  Mini Immersion:  1pm – 3pm / $35 if paid by TBA or $40 after TBA 

TBA, Full Immersion: 1pm – 5:30pm / $55 if paid by TBA or $60 after TBA
Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal (No Refunds)

Taught by Hari Kirn of Houston,  Texas

Suitable for beginners and students of all levels!  GREAT FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO MEDITATE! 

Sat Nam Rasayan, translation:  “Relaxation in the Divine Name.”

Join us for fun and self-healing at Divine Yoga!  This yogashop is for ALL Divine Yoga students, beginners, intermediate, advanced, hard-core, experienced, newbys, curiosity seekers, knowers, questioners, the aware and unaware.  No Sat Nam Rasayan Yogashop is ever the same so, you will learn new meditation and healing techniques each and every time you attend.  And, along with building a repertoire of meditative and healing techniques, you will also build, strengthen and develop your neutral and meditative mind with each Sat Nam Rasayan yogashop you attend.

In these yogashops, we will also learn, explore and develop neutrality with a wide variety of techniques and tools of Sat Nam Rasayan and the meditative mind. Whether you are dealing with weather, family, business, politics, different view points fought in the media or your own monkey mind . . . . this is a class for profound neutrality, relaxation and reducing reactions.  You will experience tools to walk your life path with more ease, grace, confidence and fearlessness.   We look forward to your presence in class.

In each Yogashop we will:

  • gently bring in more tools to help feel supported and strong
  • become your own best healer as you invest in the power of your own Soul
  • understand your innate healing capacity for prosperity, growth and success
  • experience the projective meditative mind through the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan
  • deeply relax with Gong therapy
  • enjoy a powerful dynamic and community and live a more healthy, joyful and awakened life

“Self-healing is not a miracle, nor is self-healing a dramatization of the personality as though you could do something superior.  Self-healing is a genuine process of the relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul.” – Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam Rasayan is a system of healing and a state of consciousness in which all healing takes place.  It is also a particular state of meditation in which the awareness of the practitioner becomes stable.  When this occurs any healing can happen.  This healing happens in the “sacred space” which is in the space of the meditative mind.  Sat Nam Rasayan helps many suffering from emotional upheaval, depression, stress, anxiety, injuries, neck and back pain, accident trauma, sleeplessness, and a variety of illnesses such as aids and cancer.  It is also used in connection with therapies including massage and physical therapy.

**Check, cash and credit cards accepted.  Pay and register online, at studio or call 210-828-4177 to pay via credit card “live” – if no answer, leave message and contact number and we will return your call asap.  

Reserve your space       Click here to purchase




New Moon Lake House Retreat
Experience Rebirth, Empowerment, New Beginnings at Lake Medina
with Amrit & Hari Kirn
Cost:  TBA 
Dates:  TBA
Location:  Northside on Lake Medina (directions provided upon payment)
Facilitators:  Hari Kirn, Amrit, Sat Kartar, Roslyn   
Check In:  TBA 
Check Out:  TBA
Limited Space, Book & Pay Now. 
Only pre-paid bookings reserved.
No Refunds after TBA


**Price Includes:  Accommodations, Vegetarian Meals, Kundalini Yoga, Classes, 2 Gongs Bath, Intuitive Readings & Acupuncture w/ Gong** 


The 5th & 6th of November equals the binary code of 11.  The 5 binary code is divine masculine, and the 6 binary code is divine feminine.  What is a binary code?  It represents cumulative energies which represent all codes of the spiritual bodies within the Self.  Within the individual self you have a divine feminine and divine masculine and the goal is to balance the two to achieve one with the Self.  When this goal is achieved you obtain complete total mind, body, spirit unity which is oneness of your totality of who you truly are and meant to be by divine right.  The weekend of the New Moon represents new beginnings, so with the community of the women at the retreat we will ignite creative energies of the divine feminine which is the creative force of giving birth.  This is the time to create more alignment within the Self, to rebirth oneself.  As the Winter Solstice approaches in December 2021, energies are cosmically at play to rebirth oneself.  This retreat is meant to allow these energies to flow to achieve the goal of Oneness within ones true self.   


There are two lake houses on this 17 acre property over looking Medina Lake. The first house is the “Sun House” located on the higher elevation of the property and the second house is the “Moon House” located on the lower elevation closer to the lake.  All rooms in the Sun House are community rooms with king size beds on the floor level and upstairs lofts sleeping 5 – 6 people total.  Both houses have a kitchen, living area and outdoor deck with breathtaking views of the lake.  The Moon house has 4 bedrooms each with a full bath and king size bed perfect for couples or for one person to share with a family member or friend. 

**All bed placements are assigned upon payment – first come, first served.**


The Sun House is where all activities, morning meditation, classes, meals, 2 Gongs Bath, Intuitive Readings and Lounge Chair Acupuncture w/ Gong take place.  Besides the spectacular, elevated views of the lake, it has a 5,000 sq. ft. deck and the largest rooms of the two houses.  These rooms are community rooms with lofts and at least 1 queen size bed in the loft, a king size bed downstairs and a full bath.  Two of the rooms pictured below have an additional small room or, cubby hole for sleeping bags with mattress pad  provided for cushion.                                                                                      


                                  (1)                                                                                      (2)                                                                                  (3)                                                                                  (4)

(1) Shared room, sleeps 6. Includes 1 king bed, a bunk bed (queen bottom bunk & twin top bunk), a chaise lounge and a cubby hole  for 2 sleeping bags. 

(2) Shared room, sleeps 5. Includes 1 king, 2 queens, 1 sofa bed.

(3) Shared room, sleeps 3.  Includes  1 king, 1 queen.  

(4) Shared room, sleeps 6. Includes 1 king, 1 queen, 1 sofa bed, cubby hole for 2 sleeping bags.




Located on Medina Lake, all the Moon House bedrooms have full baths and king size beds for two to share with a family member or friend.

This house although older and smaller than the Sun House is closer to the lake and has a quiet, cozy, nostalgic ambiance.  The decor has a more traditional, antique look with large, grand, framed paintings as accents.  The beautiful, bird’s eye view of the lake will give you the meditative state you came for.


(1)  Sleeps 2, 1 king/full fath.                           (2) Shared room. Sleeps 2, 1 king/full bath.   (3) Shared, Sleeps 2,1 king/full bath.         (4) Shared room. Sleeps 2, 1 king/full bath.




There are numerous spots on this roomy 17 acre site for meditation or hiking.   A favorite meditation spot is located at the highest point on the property where a stairway leads to 2 decks overlooking Medina Lake.  The property is full of trees, woods and rock sculptures with plenty of room for meditation, relaxation and hiking.





All classes, meals and activities are held at the Sun House which, includes a large kitchen, living area and 5,000 sq. ft. outdoor deck overlooking the lake for dining, classes, 2 Gongs Bath, evening fire pit, socializing, relaxing and *Community Lounge Chair Acupuncture w/ Gong. 

*Acupuncture administered by a licensed acupuncturist as you recline and relax to 30 min. of Gong. The Gong enhances the healing benefits.  Highly recommended! 




10:30am:  Check In / Parking / Room Assignments 

11:00am:  Meet & Greet / Tour Property 

  1:00pm:  Lunch

  3:00pm:  Introduction / Setting Intentions / Orientation

  5:00pm:  Aquarian Age Yoga Set & Meditation for the 11th Light Body

  6:00pm:  2 Gongs Bath

  7:00pm:  Dinner

  8:00pm:  Fire Pit

10:00pm:  Lights Out



  7:00am:  Morning Sadhana (Morning spiritual practice)

  8:00am:  Breakfast

  9:00am:  Free Time for hiking, meditation, socializing, Intuitive Readings

11:30am:  Self Reflexology Class

  1:00pm:  Lunch

  2:00pm:  Light & Bliss Mini Class in Sat Nam Rasayan (Relaxation in the Divine Name)

  3:00pm:  Community Lounge Chair Acupuncture & Gong

  3:30pm:  Free Time for hiking, snacking, socializing, Intuitive Readings

  6:00pm:  Check Out


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  • Call 210-828-4177 if in need of assistance.
  • Check or Cash payments may be made in class at studio or, call 210-828-4177 to schedule appt. to pay.



    • King size beds can only be reserved if shared with a family member or a friend.  All other bed placements may be reserved for 1 person.
    • An entire room may be reserved for a group, $400 price per person applies.
    • All room and bed assignments are made after payment is received.  First come, first serve
    • Make your reservation at the studio in class or, call 210-828-4177.
    • Only Pre-paid bookings are reserved.



    All funds are non-refundable but may be transferred for credit towards Light & Bliss Private Healing Sessions, Intuitive Readings, Long Distance Sat Nam Rasayan or Acupuncture (acupuncture available if you live in the Houston area),


    • Age limit is 18 years old.
    • If you are a light sleeper, bring ear plugs and eye mask.
    • If you have a special diet, feel free to bring a cooler with your food preferences.
    • Bring comfortable clothing, yoga attire, yoga mat for classes and hiking books/shoes for hiking
    • Bring towels for bath/shower


    ZOOM CLASSES Live, At Divine Yoga
    Facilitated by:  Amrit, Indrajeet (Susie Reeves) and Ram Krishan (Melanie)
    Cash, check, credit card accepted at studio OR pay online via Credit Card or Paypal

    (Before I forget, everything below highlighted in turquiose and lavender is a link taking you straight to a listing of ALL our Zoom classes with info).  No matter what class card you purchase or whether you just purchase a single class, that purchase gives you access to both Face-to-Face class(es) at the studio and/or Zoom Class(es) in the comfort of your own home.  And, yes, your 50% Off purchases and military, student and senior discount purchases all apply (Groupons however,  do not apply). You can choose whether you want to attend a class at the studio or stay at home and do class on Zoom.  You may choose to take  Zoom Classes ,only or,  mix it up and take some of your classes at home and some at the studio.   The Zoom Class is live.  You will be able to see and talk to the teacher before/after class.  If you prefer privacy, Zoom has options to select so no one can see or hear you once class starts.  You will need to show the teacher your class card or Paypal receipt if you do not have a class card so, please do not hide or mute yourself until after you have done that.

    A listing of Zoom Classes , along with our regular classes, can be found on our Schedule page AND Class Description page right here on our website with day, time, teacher, links, ID and passwords for each class.  The Zoom Classes on the Class Description page are listed in turquiose print.   All you need to do is load the Zoom App on your phone or computer and “join” the Zoom Class of your choice using either the link or ID and password.  Be sure to have your Class Card or Paypal receipt ready if you don’t have a card.  So if you’re ready, and need to make a purchase, just click on the Proceed Registration link below.  We look forward to doing yoga with you!

    Reserve your space      Click here to purchase